When you grow up in a small house with no TV or working heat in rural New Mexico, you see life a little differently. 

Especially if your eyes happen to have sat underneath a unibrow for most of your childhood.

At age 7, I spent an entire summer attempting to sue Lisa Frank and her rainbow empire for stealing my brilliant ideas. 

Execution is everything. 

As they say, if you can’t beat em’ join em’. So here I am, getting paid to give corporate America my thoughts. Lisa, if you’re reading this, I forgive you, I’m a huge fan girl.

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Gold Stars
2021 OneShow - Shortlist (Craft / Experiential)

2021 OneShow - Shortlist (Social / Real Time Response)

2021 Webbys - Shortlist (Social / Influencer)

2020 OneShow - Shortlist (Craft / Art Direction)

2019 Cannes Lions - Bronze (Promo Design)

2019 Cannes Lions - Shortlist (Creation of a New Brand Identity)

2019 Cannes Lions - Shortlist (Non-Profit / Foundation of Led Education)

2018 London International Awards - Creative LIAson

2017 Cannes Young Lions - Gold (Film)

2016 Mashable Awards - Gold (Best Product Launch)

2016 Midas Award - Gold (Best Activation)

2015 Digiday Award - Black (Most Innovative Use of Content)

2014 Shorty Award

2014 Webby Awards Finalist (Best Celebrity / Fan Site)

2011 One Show National Finalist

Where I Sit
Currently - Arts & Letters Creative Co

Golden Years
2011 - University of Texas at Austin |B.S Advertising
/ Business Foundations / Creative Portfolio Program
New York, NY.