Who wants to drink Tito’s when you can use it for mind-numbing, DIY tasks around the house instead? No one! So Tito’s created a line of weird bottle attachments with Martha Stewart that turned this Dry January into DIY January.
DIY January With Martha Stewart
Team: Nick Kaplan, Brett Simone, Liz Delp, Vahbiz Engineer
Featured: The Today Show /CNN / Buzzfeed Adweek Ad Of The Day/ Ad Age / Forbes

It’s scientifically proven that when you wear wrinkled clothes, people see you as more untrustworthy and unsavory. To launch Downy’s new anti-wrinkle product, we made a few spots where wrinkles make people … assume things.
Wrinkles Send The Wrong Message
Team: Joe Mongognia, Brett Simone, Abigail Hoeflinger, Alyssa Gaddis
Featured: AdAge / Ads Of the World / Little Black Book / The Drum

Constant Contact’s digital marketing tools help businesses get closer to their customers. Much closer. So, we relaunched their brand with a campaign all about customers getting into serious, but totally HR-appropriate relationships with small business owners.
Constant Contact           
Get into A Serious Business Relationship
Team: Nick Kaplan, Brett Simone, Toliver Roebuck
Featured: AdWeek, LBB, Shots

The ‘22 - ‘23 NBA season features more future hall of famers than any season in two decades. With so much talent, so much drama and so many contenders, this season is as close to basketball utopia as we’re ever going to get. So we created a dreamlike basketball utopia, and used it as the backdrop for the whole season.
NBA on ESPN Anthem 22’          
It’s A Beautiful Time For Basketball
Team: Brett Simone, Molly Jamison, NJ Placentra, Andrew Kong, Steve Gonzalez

New York’s streets weren’t safe enough to host the NYC Marathon or its runners in 2020, so Volvo brought the NYC Marathon to them.

In collaboration with Heard City, Volvo created a 4 hour playlist using real audio collected from the 26.2 mile race route to re-create the raw street sounds and excitement of the marathon, block by block.
Run New York
Team: Nick Kaplan, Brett Simone, Cara Resnick, Joey Chiaruli, Brian Lai, Nicole Garcia, Samantha Kim

Audio Samples     

New York, NY.