With the protection of Downy DEFY Damage, anyone can look as trendy as NFL superstar and fashion icon Cam Newton. Even our lighting-stand-in who became the star of this commercial when Cam got COVID and the whole thing had to be rewritten.
Downy Defy Damage           
Frankie Thompson
Team: Joe Mongognia, Brett Simone, Alyssa Gaddis, Abigail Hoeflinger
Featured: People / Hollywood Life / Yahoo 


︎@ImFrankieT Best dressed man in the league. Me or @CameronNewton?

Damaged Clothes? Nah. Add @Downy DEFY Damage to #ProtectTheDrip  

I gotta give @CameronNewton props for this fit. Must be protected with @Downy DEFY Damage #ProtectTheDrip

New York, NY.